The Canton
of Ravenhill

This is the official Web Page of the Canton of Ravenhill (Northwestern and Centralwestern Connecticut) of
Barony Beyond the Mountain, within the East Kingdom, in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA.)

The Society for Creative Anachronism is a nonprofit, educational group, devoted to recreating the Middle Ages in the present time. The Barony Beyond the Mountain, is a local branch of this society, which encompasses northern and eastern Connecticut.

Canton meetings are the second Monday of each month
starting at 7pm
at the home of Michael and Gabriella Intemann,
28 John Beach Road Newtown, CT 06470
(Directions to the meeting provided upon request. 203-270-3670)

The meetings are potluck (ie people should bring some food or drink to share) and there will be occasional A&S activities as well as the regular meeting. 

Canton Officers


(Canton President)

Michael Longstryde

Michael Christian Longstryde

Michael Intemann
28 John Beach Rd
Newtown, CT 06470
before 9pm please

email the Seneshal


(Canton Treasurer)


Damiana Illaria d'Onde

Liz Jones

email the Exchequer


Minister of Arts and Sciences
& Chatelaine

(In charge of Crafts & Greeter of New Members)

Lady Gwenhwyfar of Ravenhill

Linda Benedict
5 Shelter Rock Rd
Bethel, CT 06801-1315

(no caalls after 9pm please)

email the MoAS or Chatelaine

Web Minister

(Keeper of These Pages)

Web Minister

Gwilym of Fflint

William Davis

before 9pm please

Email the Web Minister

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October 13, 2014