Baronial cookery

We’re trying something a little different here – Barony Beyond the Mountain is known for our food and our feasts. Our cooking has wordfame throughout the society, as far as Drachenwald and Lochac. But what is the recipe for Mustard Soup? or even that pasta salad that Anarra always brings?

So – Comment here, and we’ll (slowly!) make this into a page full of recipes, period and modern, that the barony enjoys.

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  1. I own at least one Medieval cookery book, and around 10-11 years ago I was in the Cooking Guild in the Kingdom of An Tir out in Bremerton, Washington. I haven’t been to an SCA meeting in years, but I would love to help out if you are starting a Cookery Guild.

  2. Terry Neill says:

    Anarra’s Tuna Pasta Salad

    Boil up a 12 ounce box of rotini or rigatoni pasta. Drain and put in a very large bowl.
    Add the following:
    3 cans tuna in water, drained. Give the tuna water to the cats.
    1 can mini shrimp
    Shred or dice any or all of the following vegetables. (Making this salad without pickles and onions may be illegal, just sayin’!)
    – Dill pickles
    – Onions
    – Carrots
    – Celery
    – Radishes

    Salt, pepper, and Old Bay Seasoning to taste.

    Add some dill pickle juice to help bind it all together and cut down on the mayonnaise.
    Add in enough mayonnaise to bind it all together.
    Mix thoroughly. Chill overnight if possible.

  3. Samantha Raven says:

    I want to be in a cooking guild!

  4. Jim Vincent says:

    I have a document with several of the Simplefare recipes. Be good to see them spread – and made – again

  5. Terry Neill says:

    I suppose I should add that this isn’t so much a recipe as a set of instructions. HOW MUCH of everything you add is up to you, but basically I do two whole large pickles, one large onion, one or two carrots, two stalks of celery and sometimes three or four radishes. I’ve never measured the mayonnaise so wing it!

  6. Anarra says:

    Viking Cakes
    (We got this recipe from the Viking museum in Ribe, Denmark.)

    1 part spelt flour
    1 part rolled spelt (Or, alternatively, spelt groats soaked in buttermilk overnight. Trader Joe’s sells 10 Minute Farro which works for this.)
    1 part ground filberts (hazelnuts)
    butter or lard
    goat cheese

    Mix in enough buttermilk that you get a very thick batter. Fry on both sides in butter or lard. Eat with goat cheese and honey.

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