The March Newsletter has been posted

Happy New Year! The March edition of the Chanticleer has been posted to the website. Read about Artifacts of a Life IV, plans for a new museum of Spartan history and culture at the University of Connecticut, and the Israeli scientists who have germinated date seeds from the first century B.C.E. Also find out why we are wishing you a happy new year – in March!

The January Newsletter has been posted

The January edition of the Chanticleer has been posted to the website. Read about current and upcoming museum exhibitions, a Roman fish sauce factory,and a 16th century manuscript attributed to Elizabeth I.

Armored Practice Over for the Season

From Master Llewellyn:
Hi Folks, looks like numbers are WAY down to non existent for this Saturday 8/31 so I’m going to cancel for this week. Thanks to all that came out this season and I hope to see you around the kingdom this fall at other practices! I expect to start up again at Leffingwell in May!

The August Newsletter has been posted

The August edition of the Chanticleer has been posted to the website. Read about 16th century finds in St. Augustine, FL, and new information on Scotland’s Great Drain.

Baronial Business Meeting on 8-19-2019

Welcome back from Pennsic, and back to business as usual! The August baronial meeting will be held on Monday, 8/19 at the Newington Jo-Ann’s (3105 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT). The meeting will be held in the usual classroom space on the second floor of the store.

We have the room from 6:00pm to 8:45 pm. The meeting will begin at 7pm in order to give us time to get through everything.

On the agenda at this time: possible fall 2019 event, Yule, Artifacts, Golden Seamstress. If you have additional items of business you would like to bring up, please contact the deputy seneschal at

Pennsic War Website Overhaul

Have you seen the new Pennsic website? It has had a major facelift, and a new address! It can now be found at www.pennsicwar.NET. Note the change from .org.

Armored Combat Practice on 7-20-19 Cancelled due to Weather

On the advice of our friendly neighborhood kingdom marshal for armored combat, practice for tomorrow 7-20 is canceled due to excessive heat. Practice will resume after Pennsic on 8-17.

Armored Combat Practice on 7-13-2019 Cancelled

Our armored combat practice at Leffingwell House Museum on 7-13 has been cancelled. The Barony extends its deepest condolences to the family, friends, and collegues of Dennis Guillemette. He will be missed.

The July Chanticleer has been Posted!

Including the June meeting notes, pictures from the King’s and Queen’s Archery Championships, news clips about a medieval gemstone workshop, Louis IX and scurvy, 13th century skulls, and more!

Armored Combat Practice on 7/6/19 Cancelled

In anticipation of extremely low turnout this Saturday due to the holiday, Master Llewellyn is cancelling the Leffingwell House practice.

We will resume on July 13, and look forward to seeing you there!

Seam Finishing/Handsewing Workshop June 29, Burlington, CT

Do you love hand-sewing, and want to up your game with authentic techniques? You’re in luck – Baroness Tasha Medvedeva, who teaches the “Built Fjord Tough” class on period seams will be joining us. Do you hate hand-sewing with a passion, and resent the idea of having to do it? Maybe Baroness Tasha can show you some techniques to make it feel less awful. Do you just have hand-sewing that you’re not getting to, and sewing with company might help you get it done? We’ve got that.

If you would like to join us, you can show up any time after 11am. If you can, please bring something to eat to share, but if you can’t don’t let that keep you away.
I have a child, two cats, a wood stove, and I’m a terrible housekeeper – medicate your allergies accordingly. This is not a garbed event.

Contact Eloise at for the address and further information.

Introduction to Historic Hand Embroidery: Bayeux Stitches July 6, Plainville, CT
Mistress Anarra Karlsdottir will be teaching an introductory class on the Bayeux “Tapestry” stitch from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Please bring embroidery hoops, embroidery floss, embroidery needles, scissors, and muslin and scrap linen to practice with if you have them, and snacks to share.

Class size is limited to 6. Please confirm your attendance in advance.

The house contains two young children and a cat. Children are welcome, and can play in the fenced yard. This is not a garbed event.

Contact Becky at 860-597-1321 or Becky Belanger on FaceBook to confirm.

June Baronial Business Meeting

The June Baronial Business Meeting will be held on Monday, June 10 (NOTE THE DATE – IT IS A WEEK EARLIER THAN USUAL) at the New Britain Public Library. We have the room from 6:00pm. The meeting will start at 7:00pm, and we must be out of the room by 8:45pm. You may bring food and drink if you wish.

Items for discussion will include King’s and Queen’s Archery Championships, Yule, Artifacts of a Life, and two financial decisions to finalize. Please contact the seneschal for more information. We will also be assembling site tokens.

Updates to Baronial Activities

Please note the updated information on the Baronial Activities page for the armored combat and thrown weapons practices!

Baronial Meeting on Monday, 5/20

The May Baronial meeting will be held at the Jo-Ann Fabrics in Newington (NOT Manchester,) beginning at 7:00PM. The address is 3105 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT.

The May Chanticleer has been posted

Check out the April meeting minutes, information about the King’s and Queen’s Archery Champions Tournament, and the rediscovery of the Govan Stones in Scotland.

Draft Financial Policy Posted

A draft financial policy for the Barony has been posted on the Baronial Documents page for review and commentary at meeting. Please feel free to direct any input to the seneschal and exchequer.

Seneschal-Elect Announced!

Good afternoon,
I am pleased to announce that the barony has chosen Mistress Kay Leigh Mac Whyte as the next Seneschal of the Barony Beyond the Mountain, and she will step up to the position in December at Yule.
In service,
Sisuile Buitiler

Demo at the 2019 Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival

BBM will be holding its now traditional demonstration of medieval fiber arts at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival on April 27, in Vernon, CT.

The April Chanticleer has been posted
Check out the March meeting minutes, statements from the seneschal candidates, and information on Viking Days at Mystic.

Archery Practice Reopens

The winter beast has given a final breath and I have inspected the range. The ground is firm and the path has only the occasional icy patch. It is time to reopen the Archery practice in Burlington.

Once again the calls of “loose”, “hold” and “clear down range?” will be heard. Archers can dust off their bows and arrows, and prepare for the season ahead.

Barring a precipitation event the range will reopen on Tuesday the 26th of March. We will start setup at 5:30 then shoot for as long the archers wish (usually about 7:30).

I have had a request to shoot the Gwyntarian Winter Challenge so if people are up to eight ends that is what will occur.

The address is 17 Bittersweet Lane; Burlington, CT 06013 (GPS works) driveway parking is limited but on street parking is not a problem as this is a dead end street. Please use the side door next to the garage.

For further information please contact Dorian with any questions at, or 860-673-2240.

I look forward to seeing everyone after our winter hibernation.


Seneschal Candidates Announced!

At the March Baronial meeting, Sisuile announced that we have three candidates for Baronial seneschal: Mistess Ciara McRobbie, Mistress Kayleigh McWhyte, and Lord Grimolfr Skulason. Voting will take place at the April 15, 2019 meeting, held at the JoAnn Fabrics in Manchester, CT. As there will be no proxy votes accepted, the vote will occur later in the meeting to allow people who wish to participate to arrive in time (probably approximately 8:00pm.)//