Activities at King’s and Queen’s Archery Champions

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The June Pole – come dance and weave the ribbons.
Kubb – A possibly modern game with Scandinavian roots. All afternoon after June Pole Dance.
Quiots was prohibited by Edward III and Richard II to encourage archery but today we can do both all afternoon after the June Pole Dance.
Il Paleo Racing – we can’t afford real horses, but you can participate in this exciting Medieval race on one of our fine stable of racing stick horses – with a few modern twists. Fun for both Adults and children!
Croquet – Though modern (1850s) in its current form, games of ground ball and stick have been popular in Western Europe since the later Middle Ages. “Tee off” all afternoon after the June Pole Dance.
Tug of War – dating from Ancient Egypt, Greece and China, tug of war in its present form has changed almost not at all to modern times. Challenge your friends – or foes – to tug of war!

Contact Mesterinna Ana Ilevna if you have questions regarding the Games.


Bring SCA-appropriate or adjacent stuff you want out of your house! Let someone else sit at the table selling it for you! It’s like an SCA consignment shop, only without the commission fee!


Rapier activities will begin at 11 am. We will have inspections and authorizations until Noon. Tournaments will be run in the following order, but will be subject to change because of their Excellencies availability for the BBM Fencing Championship.

BBM Fencing Championship
Sir Arnwulf Aethelreding is ready to step down as the Fencing Champion of Barony Beyond the Mountain. He wishes to give their Excellencies as short and fun tournament so we will have a round robin tournament to determine the next champion. Bring your best and come show their Excellencies why you should be their next champion.
Gambler’s Tourney
Are you feeling lucky? Let the roll of the dice determine which form you will bring. This will be a one and done fight and then we will move onto the next pairing. The tournament will be a double elimination tournament with opponents also being chosen at random, you may have to fight the same person more than once.
Short but Deadly
It’s time to get up close and personal with your fellow combatants. Max rapier length is 32″ single sword. If you don’t have a sword that is that short, you may substitute for a single dagger. This will be a double elimination tournament.
Bear Pit Tournament
This will be a bring your best endurance test. How long can you hold the pit? There will be no max length of matches for keeping the pit. If you can keep it, you earned it. Wounds retained. This will be a 45 minute long tournament.


Fortunes of War
If the heavy list is your preference, we have a novel tournament planned for the day–the Fortunes of War! As the season of war looms ahead, equipment fails, servants neglect their duties, and the gods may decide to have some fun. Will their attention be baleful or weal? As the combatants get ready to enter the list they will pick a fortune cookie to find out.


Unarmored Drills for Fighters
Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver

From Lawn to Plate
Ottar the Trader
Foraging for food in our local lawns and woods.

Portable Pin Cushions
Lady Johanna di Glastonburi
Felt, wool, and bottlecaps

Summer Sari
Lady Sisuile Butler
Wearing Indian wrapped garments.

How Do I Wear That?
Lady Sisuile Butler
Indian wrapped garments for men.