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This is the page where the candidates for the Baronial seat may answer questions posed to them by the populace.  Please note that *only* the candidates may post to this page.  Comments made by anyone other than a candidate will be sent to moderation and deleted.

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What do you believe the responsibilities of the Baron/ess are, and to whom?

What aspect of being Baron/ess do you expect to be, for you, the most distasteful part(s) of the job?  What strategies have you thought of to deal with them?

Some candidates have suggested that the Barony should run more / longer / Kingdom events.  How often have you been on staff for the events that the Barony already holds?  Do you sign up in advance for positions; are you involved in setup and cleanup; and what was your participation in the running of the Barony’s most recent event, Summer Solstice Shoot?

  • Sisuile Rumhann says:

    At our Summer Solstice Shoot we brought the thrown weapons targets, helped set up the range, marshaled the thrown weapons line, and tore down the range. Rumhann helped with wider clean up, including the archery range, and represented the Thrown community as Baronial Champion. Sisuile took a gate shift. We chose to keep our involvement at this event to day-of assistance, as Sisuile (and thus Rumhann) will be doing a lot of pre-cooking for both Artifacts and Yule where she is running both dayboards. We try to work with the coordinators of various event activities to let them know that we will be around to help, and frequently volunteer for jobs needed at events, including set up (Sisuile) and clean up (Rumhann). We have been involved with the last 3 baronial-involved events: Golden Seamstress (Sisuile helped with set up, clean up, running, and judging the contestants), Yule (Yule ceremonies, and Rumhann cleaned up the baronial presence after court), and we hosted/stewarded baronial thrown weapons champions.

  • MarkGwen says:

    Historically, we have worked on the Barony’s events from our earliest days. We started out helping with the pre-cook, set-up and clean up for Simplefare. We are always on site for setup and breakdown for events in the Barony. During the day we help Their Excellencies set up and break down court, Gwenllian takes gate shifts, and has run the Yule ceremonies for Her Excellency every year while she is at high table. Mark helps flip the hall at Yule, and has gladly filled in for the Midnight Visitor at the last minute at the request of Their Excellencies Bergental-Twice. We are involved in the planning of all of the events the barony holds. Both of us were part of the late night staff for the Golden Seamstress event: Mark assisted with setup and stayed until about midnight before he left on the account of another commitment the next day. Gwenllian stayed on site the entire time and worked the event from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon, leaving with the autocrat and the rest of the clean-up crew. We are usually part of the Friday night setup for Yule and Summer Solstice Shoot. At Summer Solstice Shoot, the Barony’s most recent event we were both there for Friday night set up. On Saturday Gwenllian spent some time at gate and welcomed several newcomers, both prior contacts and walk-ins. Mark ran the MOL table and coordinated the tournament with Aengus. Both of us stayed for clean-up, and were some of the last people to leave the site.

  • Grimolfr and Khazariyya says:

    This question is confusing on the basis that as landed Baronage, we would not be able to steward an event regardless of how much experience we may or may not have. Therefore, while your question of our experience will be responded to, because such experience may help in delegating as well as performing the event, we will also respond with ideas on how we may achieve greater chance of recruiting to help out with such events.

    Currently, the only people who volunteer for events are, in fact, the same small group of people which is unfair as has been stated. These are also the same people who attend meetings. If the only time an event is mentioned or volunteered for is at medting, can is it also be unfair to assume that the same people are doing it because there is no one else willing?

    In my opinion, it is unrealistic for the entire Barony populace to show up at every meeting. That is what officers are for. Representatives of their chosen area of populace, ie fencing marshal represents the fencers, A&S represents the artisans and so on and so forth. What if we use social media and the official website to announce which events are being currently planned, and which positions of help are currently open for volunteering, including but not limited to, the main positions such as event steward, feastocrat, etc?
    Of course, the person who volunteers will have to know they should attend meetings up to the event. And if they are new to the position but want to learn, they can be guided by those more experienced. But this gives more people the opportunity to step up and enjoy being more involved without continually keeping the burden on the same few.

    If we start using more avenues than just the baronial meeting, we are positive it can and will involve more members.

    As for our experience in running and helping events, Grimolfr has run numerous fencing and thrown weapons tournaments. He had also been on Queen’s Guard for the better part of a year that helps set up and break down at Royal events. He has also helped in a dayboard kitchen and regularly volunteers to do dishes after feast events. He was also the baronial herald for a few years running courts and volunteering at several “Ask a Herald” tables at events. He stayed at EK Royal last year to help set up and break down that camp which takes many days during Pennsic.
    Khazariyya has been on the Queen’s retinue for the last year. She was the co-autocrat for the last Hrim Schola event where the Dragonship Haven autocrat requested her for the next Hrim Schola for her quick response and dedication to getting the job done. She also spends a good amount of time documenting events with her photography skills, both Royal and Baronial. Khazariyya also volunteered and helped chatelaine an event.

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    How will promote ALL aspects of Arts and Sciences ( i.e.  brewing, cooking, jewelry making, etc.)?

    (Admin note: the administrators did offer the option to rephrase this question in order to make it less duplicative of Question #8.  The poster declined on the basis that in their interpretation Question #8 deals solely with promoting the SCA as a whole to bring in newcomers.  Therefore it has been posted as stated.)

    How do you see the Baronage interacting with the Seneschallate? Where is the line between the roles and responsibilies of the Coronet and those of the Seneschal?

    What aspects of the Barony and of the SCA do you feel most comfortable representing?  What aspects are you personally least comfortable with?  With that in mind, how, as Baron/ess do you plan to represent those aspects of the SCA that you are least comfortable with in order to properly serve your Baronial constituents?

    As Baron/ess, you will be the liason of the Barony to the Crown, other baronies, and even other Kingdoms.  You will be the most visible representative of the Barony Beyond the Mountain.  With that in mind, how do you feel you represent BBM?  How do you plan to continue to best represent BBM as a whole as Baron/ess to those outside of the Barony?

    A few words on how you will promote the various activities that are the SCA.

  • Sisuile Rumhann says:

    We as the baron/ess will promote SCA activities by lending our presence to local, kingdom, and interkingdom events in our roles as representatives of the populace, by seeking a wider audience (through recruitment and demonstrations), through encouragement of the populace to participate at a stronger level, in working with our populace to facilitate the activities that they would like to see held, and by giving and facilitating praise and recognition where it is due for jobs well done (both administrative and achievement based).

  • Mark Gwenllian says:

    We will continue with demos, talking to people we meet and work with. We have both been doing this all along. Gwenllian will talk to anybody, seriously! We will continue to visit practices we already go to, expand to go to other practices we aren’t currently involved with, go to as many of the workshops as we can and we’ll promote them online. We both have access to the Facebook page and the Yahoo group. Gwenllian’s experience as a chatelaine will help us promote the Barony’s activities.

  • Grimolfr Khazariyya says:

    My son’s middleschool hosts a Medieval day every year. I am going to bring up the suggestion to contact the school as an organization to participate in their event. I already spoke to the school about the possibility and they seemed interested so my next step is presenting the idea at the Baronial meeting. This will promote our organization to children and families which is a very strong way to promote and expand our group.

    Hosting demos within Baronial borders is another way to successfully promote our group. My idea was finding the local, yearly flea markets throughout our Barony and seeing about acquiring a booth space and demo space for marshal demonstrations or footwork. This will all be brought up to the Chatelaine in Baronial meetings.

    Creating E-Flyers to post online for local web groups and town groups is also a great way to advertise the SCA for free. The flyer can state all the activities available with a brief description and have the contact info of the Chatelaine for more information.

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    The Barony, a few years ago, hosted a number of Kingdom events. For whatever reasons, we have not held any in the last few years. Do you have any thoughts to putting the Barony back out there to hold Kingdom level events?

    This Barony has a very large geographical footprint. It is good that the current practices take place towards the center of that land mass, but it still takes some areas a two hour drive to get to them. Any thoughts and ideas on attempts get more classes and practices to be spread into the farther regions and corners of the Barony? If one is expected to drive the two hours to the center of the Barony for a practice/class, should it not be expected that once in a while, that that travel time and distance be placed upon those who benefit normally from living close?

    The Barony has had many years of the same people doing the same work at events. To the point we have stopped and or even eliminated events. What plans do you have to get new blood into action and teach them how to run all aspects of events; eventually, to turn over the controls of Steward, Gate, Kitchen, Merchanting, Parking, and Clean-up.

    How will you make your mark as baron/baroness of BBM?  I.e. what is your focus/main area of interest in the Society, and what steps will you take to put your plans in motion?

    Would you describe yourself as proficient in the use of arbitration and mediation?  Please give examples.

    What skills do you think you could bring to the baronage, and what are some examples of when you used them?

    What are your intentions for the long term of the barony? where do you see the barony going in the next 1yr, 3yr, 6yr?

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