New MOAS Needed

***UPDATED FEBRUARY 15, 2021**

Greetings, all.
After years of service to the Barony, we would like to send our thanks to Dyrfinna for her service to Barony Beyond the Mountain, and to Severin, her deputy, for serving as our Interim Minister of Arts and Sciences until such time as a new MOAS is appointed. As Dyrfinna has retired from her position, we wish her well, and we are currently accepting applications for the position of Minister of Arts and Sciences for the Barony.

Responsibilities for this position include:

  • Encourage the Baronial populace in their pursuit and study of Arts and Sciences 
  • Attend monthly Baronial Business Meetings whenever possible.
  • Submit Monthly reports to the Baronial Seneschal and Their Excellencies on activities and projects by the Baronial populace
  • Submit Quarterly reports to the Regional MOAS (cc: Baronial Seneschal) on A&S projects and activities by the Baronial populace
  • Occasionally organize or lead classes, find teachers or resources, organize displays and competitions at events (or online) as available.
  • If selected, the incoming MOAS must immediately provide proof of current SCA membership for the duration of their term in office.

Applications are due by 11:59 PM Friday, March 12, 2021
Please email letters of intent to:, and
PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must attend the March 2021 Baronial Business Meeting, and will be expected to present a short introduction and discussion about their application, including any potential plans for the office.
This is an online business meeting, run on Google Meet, and the link for the meeting will be published prior to the meeting, however candidates may also locate the link in the Baronial Calendar on the BBM website.
If you have already applied for this position please note you are required to be present for this meeting. All officers and the populace present will be voting. The new MOAS will be installed following the vote