Seeking judges!

We’re pleased to announce that we currently have 35 teams registered for the event! We’re amazed at the enthusiasm, but it leaves us with a problem, and we hope that you can help.

WE NEED JUDGES!! We’re looking for at least 3 judges for each of our temporal categories:

• Early Period (600 to 1100 CE)

• Middle Period (1100 to 1450 CE)

• Late Period (1450 to 1600 CE) – Given the size of this category, 6 judges would be better

Requirements for Judges

Judges are expected to have at least general knowledge of the clothing of the time period they wish to judge, including knowledge of style, appropriate materials, and construction techniques. You don’t need to be an expert on every aspect of the category you want to judge.

Judging Duties

Each judge will be asked to do the following:

• Interact with entrants during the month of the competition by reviewing their biweekly progress reports (online platform to be determined), and when needed, asking any relevant questions of the entrants

• Attend the live judging show on March 27, 2021 (exact time and other details to be provided soon) where you will:Watch each entrant’s brief final presentation, Participate in break-out judging sessions where you will score the entrants according to rubric (see below)

Judging Rubric

There are 20 Points per category:

• Creativity

• Fit

• Scope

• Workmanship

• Completeness

Special Points for:• Inspiration & vindication of how/why entrant did what they did, written (should be done in advance) or oral• Accessories made during the competition• General WOW! Factor of what entrant tried to accomplish• If team members complete items with enough time to get all pieces to the model in time for the judging show

Total Possible Points = 250

If you are willing and able to help as a judge, please contact Mistress Elizabeth Vynehorn ( and Mistress Ciara McRobbie ( with your name, email, and the Category you are interested in judging. The deadline to volunteer as a judge is 2/26/2021.

In service,

Elizabeth Vynehorn