Letter of Intent: Grimolfr and Khazariyya

To their Excellencies and our Seneschal-

We would just like to speak to a few points that we would like to do if we were to become the next Baron and Baroness of Barony Beyond the Mountain and to why we feel that we would be able to perform this job.
We feel that we can bring a fresh element to the barony with some of the suggestions we would like to make.
We have started a successful monthly Bardic Circle night that started last year. We have had guests from not only Beyond the Mountain, but also Dragonship Haven and Bridge. Everyone has a different skill set that has come and has a blast telling and listening to stories and sharing of songs and instrumentals.
We have started a successful rapier practice in the barony when we didn’t have one for many years. It started with the intent to have Armored Combat, Youth Combat, Fencing, and Youth Fencing. We have had some hiccups along the road, but we have learned from them and are on our way to having this continue to be a successful and fruitful contribution to Beyond the Mountain.
We have also run a successful demo in the Colchester area. With no experience with demos prior to that one, we were able to work with some other BBMers to have representation from both martial activity and A&S. We still see people in the area that remember us from that day and ask about local activities. We are always chatelaines first when speaking to everyone in barony and beyond.
A couple of the things that we would like to bring to BBM are to see if we can spread our events throughout the barony so that all members feel included. Whether they live in one of the closed cantons or in the Canton of Ravenhill, we want to have all our members know that the barony does care about them wherever they are.
We would also like to start a youth initiative in BBM. The youth of the barony are our future and we would like them to be able to be recognized more in their martial prowess, A&S activities, and the service that they can provide.
Thank you for your consideration,
Lord Grimolfr and Lady Khazariyya
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