Monday 04/05 Post

A. The Trimming of the Pellote

This weekend was a full one, what with various home chores and Easter at the in-laws’ place, so I could not get much done, but I did pin the neckline and center seam trim to the pellote and start to sew it in place. More will happen before next week. I hope everyone’s weekend was happy and fulfilling, whichever spiritual flavor applied.

The pellote being trimmed.
The pellote in the process of being trimmed.
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  1. Melody Ann Faith says:

    I finally got to watch the video. I think what you have done is lovely. The saya fits very well and the unusual armscye and open side look great. I hope you post a picture of the whole outfit once you complete the pellote. I like the trim you choose for the neckline. It complements the armscye trim very well and brings the pellote to life. It was fun
    watching your journey. Good job.

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