Thursday 04/08 Post

B. Hemming and Hawing

I have finished the trimming. All that’s left now where the pellote is concerned is the hemming of the interlining and the liner. Once all three layers are done, the three layers will be attached at the main seam points. I only have myself to blame for not cutting the three layers precisely each time.

After that, I will remove the eyelet tape made of hem tape from the saya and replace it an eyelet tape made from single fold bias tape. It will be much sturdier and better take the strain of the cording. I actually have some spare fabric which would be enough for a small purse. I have received the judges’ notes, but have not had a chance to read those yet. I am usually too exhausted after work during the week, but will go through those over the weekend.

This was a good experience, and I was going for the experience itself. I thank everyone involved once more for the time and the input. This will serve me well for a similar event happening in the autumn in Caid. Look up The Tortoise and the Hare event if you are curious. My hare entry (which is supposed to be something never done before) was drafting a pattern from scratch and making something of it, and the tortoise entry is doing the same thing a year later to show improvement. I may do another piece of garb, though, if this saya was made too soon for the purposes of this year’s entries.

Be well, everyone.

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