Sunday 04/25 Post

D. The Last of This Project, and Lessons Learned

I was not as happy with the way the pellote turned out, but at least I will know better for the next time I attempt it. For one, I will not order the fabric on-line, but will take a good look at what I am getting. For another, although the later versions of the pellote are indeed this narrow (those crazy 1280s), I will make my third attempt closer to that of the mid-1240s by adding perhaps an inch to the curve of the front and back panel, and bringing the lower edge up another inch, or inch and a half.

Side view with pellote, and cording.

I was happy with the way that gold trim worked for the neck and the way it hid the front seam, in any case.

I don’t ever regret losing time by hand- sewing trim.

Thank you all, once again, for hosting this unique event in these exceptional times. When we can be confident to meet again in person, I am sure many of us will be grateful for the opportunity this gave for us to make lovely garb to celebrate that meeting.

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  1. Gwenllian says:

    Your final outfit came out wonderful! Thank you so much for joining us in this sewing adventure!

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