Baronial Activities

Business Meeting –

The monthly business meeting is open to the general populace, not just the baronial officers. If you want to know what is being planned in the barony, and/or you want to be involved in the planning process, or you want to propose something you’d like to see happen, this is the time and place to be. Newcomers are also welcome. Are you new to the barony or to the SCA? Come and meet the baronial officers, and other members of the populace. Get questions answered, get help getting started.

Business meeting is the Third Monday of the month, unless otherwise stated. Check the calendar for locations, as we shift around the regions of the barony. For any questions about the monthly business meeting, please contact the seneschal.

Archery Practice-

Archery Practice is every Tuesday night from 5:30 until we can’t see or it’s too cold. Cancelled in the case of inclement weather, though we may still do repair work if enough people show up. Loaner gear is available upon request. Come out and join us! Practice is currently located at 17 Bittersweet Ln, Burlington, CT, use the side door next to the garage. Please contact Dorian at bob (dot) schlain @ att (dot) net with any questions about the Burlington archery practice.

Heavy Fighting Practice-

Our armored fighting practice is currently a work in progress. Please check this space for future updates. There is also a Facebook discussion page for armored combat in the Barony.

Thrown Weapons Practice-

Watch this space for more information.

Activities around us

Practices in the Barony of Dragonship Haven (Southwestern Connecticut)
Practices and gatherings in the Canton of Northpass (Putnam and Westchester counties, New York)
Calendar for the Barony of Bergental (Western Massachusetts)
Practices and meetings for the Shire of Quintavia (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Meetings and Practices for the Barony of Smoking Rocks (Southeastern Massachusetts)
Activities in the Barony of the Bridge (Rhode Island)