New to the SCA?

Please join us in a time when Knights fought chivalrously, Fencers foiled their opponents with grace, Archers hit the mark and the Arts and Service of the populace prevailed.

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The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA) is an organization including people from all walks of life who share a common interest in the Middle Ages. The SCA is a place for festivals, tournaments, feast, games, research, creativity, and most of all fun. There are activities for all ages and skills, but to get started you need certain essentials that our local Chatelaine can assist you with.

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How do I get involved?
Welcome to the Barony Beyond the Mountain! There are many resources to help you get started, but the simplest way to get involved is to contact our Chatelaine – that is the officer in charge of assisting newcomers to the SCA. The chatelaine will be able to answer your questions, put you in touch with the things you are particularly interested in, and assist you with gear you can borrow until you have your own. You can reach the Chatelaine by sending an email, or by asking for them at a meeting or event. But even if you have not contacted the Chatelaine yet – please come and join us! You do not need to be a member of the SCA to participate. Meeting, practice, or event, we would love to see you.

What do I wear?
Attire is dependent on the type of event you choose to attend. For informal events (meetings, practices, and most workshops) your normal, everyday clothing is the norm. For formal events however, participants are asked to make an attempt at some sort of pre-17th century clothing, commonly referred to as “garb” in the SCA. Purchased, borrowed or hand made is fine. Our local chatelaine is a good reference for loaner gear, and can usually supply something until you get your feet under you. Once at an event, you can see what others are wearing, and decide what you like. Then you either purchase it, or make it yourself. There are many folks who will help you with both. Some of the workshops even focus on making garb.

How does the SCA work?
The members of the SCA are the ones to make the SCA happen. Unlike Renaissance Faires, which put on shows for a paying public, members of the SCA live and experience history, minus plagues, famines, and war. The difference between a Renaissance Faire and the SCA has been described as “the difference between watching a hockey game, and strapping on skates.” The SCA is a culture based on medieval society, with Kings, Queens, Barons and Baronesses, officers, and populace.

Who and what are the Officers?
The Officers are members of the Barony who plan and organize local structure and events. When you have questions, an officer is always a good person to ask. You will find contact information for each of the Barony’s officers on the Contact page or through the links below.

The Baronial Officers

goldkeyThe Chatelaine is responsible for welcoming new members, introducing them to the Society’s activities and customs, and providing guidance on who to contact to get involved in the various activities. They are also the keeper of the items for loan or “Gold Key,” used to provide new comers and drop ins who do not have medieval attire something to wear at events.

seneschalThe Seneschal is the local president. They are responsible for coordinating the activities of the local group, overseeing the other Officers, and running the meetings. As the legal representative of the group, the seneschal is always a good person to ask questions.

trumpets-miniThe Herald is responsible for all heraldic matters such as assisting with creation and submission of persona names and coats of arms, public announcements at events, and court protocol. They also maintain the records of any awards or titles bestowed upon fellow members.

exchequerThe Exchequer is the Barony’s Treasurer, and is responsible for keeping track of all the funds used to finance the various events within the Barony.

web_ministerThe Web Minister is responsible for maintaining and updating the Barony’s web sites and subordinate pages, such as this one.

arts_and_sciencesThe Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoAS) encourages members to research, teach, and practice historically accurate arts and crafts. They may also oversee the scheduling and running of the Arts and Sciences contests and exhibits at an event. If the making of things is what you are interested in, please talk to our MoAS, and they can assist you to find other people researching and practicing the same things!

chroniclerThe Chronicler publishes the Barony’s newsletter, The Chanticleer. You can find the current issue on the home page of this web site, and past issues on the Newsletter page.

marshallist marshalknight marshalarchery marshalthrownmarshalfence1 ‎The Minister of the List, Knight Marshal, Company Captain of Archers, and Marshals of Thrown Weapons/Youth/Fencing are in charge safety on the combat field/archery range, and enforcing the applicable rules and regulations of the lists (combat fields).