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Panel embroidery

I want to thank everyone here for this event. This is my panel embroidery. When I am done with my hood embroidery and my bag I will add the photos also.

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The finished piece

I finished it. My outfit. In the beautiful linen. I finished by covering the grommets with the silver thread. I also had a friend find an easy slipper design, that looks period, from a 1940’s issues of Vogue. It has … Continue reading

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Inspiration and biblios

I have only started wearing and learning about Tudor fashion in the past 3 years or so. I am currently learning to differentiate between Henrician, Elizabethan, late and early Tudor. When to wear a French Hood or a flat cap. … Continue reading

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The Final Sprint and Crossing the Finish Line

I made it! The past week has been a blur of sewing. My fingertips are slightly numb from all the sewing, my craft area is a huge mess, and I have SO. MUCH. homework to do this weekend, but I … Continue reading

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Just finished my belt. Nervous time trying to finish the rest. This belt was a challenge. It does have a couple of mistakes, but I am not going to complain, I finished it! I just need to finish the ends. … Continue reading

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I wanted to share my thoughts behind the sleeve. This was the starting blank for my sleeve. I knew it was too long, but couldn’t get a good picture of it actually on my arm. Working alone has it’s disadvantages! … Continue reading

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Part Two! Finished Skirt

So the main skirt is finished, and I’m going to say that I’m pretty darn happy with how it’s come out. There was some seam ripping, a snot-ton of stitching, but it’s been worth it. I did this gorgeous pleating … Continue reading

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