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I have been working arond the clock, finished seams and hem on my apron dress. Finished tablet weaving and lucet cord that I will add to the dress tomorrow. I will post pictures tomorrow, going to sleep đź’¤.

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Ellynor Redpath: a 1570’s gown- Bonus post Q&A.

I just wanted to take a quick minute and address some of the questions I’ve received on my posts so far: Why did you choose to use a pair of bodies as the supportive layer? Outside of this competition, my … Continue reading

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And the rooster takes a tumble…

There’s not much to report in terms of progress for this as we aren’t able to get together to start sewing until this coming Saturday but we did hit a bit of a stumble. I’ve managed to warp the first … Continue reading

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This weeks progress

Nigel’s pants have been completed. He put the button hole for the drawstring and then I hemmed them. If I had to do over I would have make the center strip smaller in the front and larger in the back. … Continue reading

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Starting materials

Most of my Materials before I start sewing still waiting for leather and wool to arrive

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Sunday’s Work

The wooden pieces Nigel is working is going to be a bag. A number of bag handles like this were found in Hedeby dig.   The warp-weighted loom is a project I started many years ago. I enjoy weaving but … Continue reading

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Sunday February 28 2020

I have additionally challenged myself to use what is in my stash before buying anything new. I have chosen to make the gown in the gold silk as it is just beautiful and I have 7 plus yards. I was … Continue reading

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