History of the Barony

A Brief History of the Barony Beyond the Mountain From the East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration Book, June 2018

The Early Years Beyond the Mountain

An interview with Balin the Fairhaired, Founding Baron Beyond the Mountain

Original Heraldic Submission of the Baronial Arms 1972

The Baronage Beyond the Mountain

Balin and Morgana: June 15, 1972 to June 1, 1984 (approximate)

Salaamallah the Corpulent: January 4, 1986 to July 11, 1998

Cadell and Yuki: July 11, 1998 to January 1, 1999

Nakamura Yuki: January 1, 1999 to June 3, 2006

Dinsdale and Aelfgifu: June 3, 2006 to May 19, 2012

Dorian and Eloise: May 19, 2012 to May 19, 2018

Mark and Gwenllian: May 19, 2018 to present

Baronial Elections

By East Kingdom law, the territorial baronage may only serve for two terms for a cumulative total of six years, at which point the Barony must elect a new baronage to wear the coronets. These are documents associated with previous elections.

2018 Baronial Election

2012 Baronial Election