Typically the Barony hosts or co-hosts three or four events a year. These will have anywhere from 60 people to 400 people, dressed in medieval clothing and participating in medieval activities.

Our next event is:

BBM/Bergental Yule 2017, Dec 2, Pomfret, CT

A day of tournaments, arts & sciences, and lots of food. Fencing, heavy list, merchants, dayboard and the return of the Feast of Simplefare.

Previous events:

Artifacts of a Life, September 30, New Britain, CT

An arts and sciences competition, Artifacts focused on the things that medieval people would have left behind when they died.

Golden Seamstresses, April 7-8, in Middlefield, CT

Golden Seamstresses is a competition with the contestants having 20 hours to go from fabric to completed garments in teams of 3-6

Hrim Schola (co-hosted with the Barony of Dragonship Haven), March 19th, in Meriden, CT

Hrim Schola was a day of classes focused on textile arts – sewing, embroidery, dyeing, clothing, etc.