Typically the Barony hosts or co-hosts two or three events a year. These will have anywhere from 60 people to 400 people, dressed in medieval clothing and participating in medieval activities. Everyone is welcome, from long time members to newcomers. No kit? No problem! Contact our Chatelaine and we will help you get started.

Upcoming events:

King’s and Queens Archery Championship Tournament, June 15, 2019, New Britain, CT

Barony Beyond the Mountain/Bergental Yule, December 7, 2019, New Britain, CT

Artifacts of a Life, February 8, 2020, New Britain, CT

Previous events:

BBM/Bergental Yule, Dec 2, 2017 Pomfret, CT

A day of tournaments, arts & sciences, and lots of food. Fencing, heavy list, merchants, dayboard and the return of the Feast of Simplefare.

Artifacts of a Life, September 30, 2017 New Britain, CT

An arts and sciences competition, Artifacts focused on the things that medieval people would have left behind when they died.

Golden Seamstresses, April 7-8, 2017 in Middlefield, CT

Golden Seamstresses is a competition with the contestants having 20 hours to go from fabric to completed garments in teams of 3-6

Hrim Schola (co-hosted with the Barony of Dragonship Haven), March 19th, 2018 in Meriden, CT

Hrim Schola was a day of classes focused on textile arts – sewing, embroidery, dyeing, clothing, etc.