Shift and Stockings

This weekend I decided to start on the most basic elements of my outfit which was the shift and stockings. Yesterday and today I was able to draft the pattern for the stockings and complete the shift. For the shift I just cut out two long rectangles, cut a neckline and sewed shoulders. Then I added gores, hemmed it and called it a day 🙂 By Thursday I hope to have the stockings finished and the kirtle started.

This is the completed shift

This is the cotton I used to complete this shift, after cutting it to the desired shapes and size
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4 Responses to Shift and Stockings

  1. Kay of Tre Asterium / Kay Jarrell says:

    Greetings! I am Kay, one of your team of judges.
    I am happy to see you posting photos of your finished pieces. I also liked your Materials collection. Great colors for this place and time.
    Be well, and Stitch!

  2. Severin Festschdamacher says:

    Greetings and well met, I am Severin and one of your judges. I am very intrigued about your Cranach inspired Saxony gown. Do you have a picture of which portrait that has inspired your work? Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    • Anne Ridley says:

      Hi Severin thank you for your question! I am basing the over-all design of the gown on the Lucas Cranach I painting entitled “The Princesses Sibylla, Emilia and Sidonia of Saxony.” The woman painted in the far left of the portrait will be the closest look that I am going for. Smaller details, such as the bodice and sleeves will be based on other dresses, such as the ones in the paintings; ” Judith with the head of Holofernes” and “Katharinenaltar.” The Kunsthistorisches and the Museum and State Art Collections Dresden, are my references for these paintings. (I will be honest and say that this is my plan for now, but the more and more pictures I find and research I do the more indecisive I get, so the small details might change by the time I actually get to making the gown lol )

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