My Inspiration

This is a portrait of Vittoria Colonna. I love the style of this gown with it’s deep V trimmed empire waist bodice and the pane sleeves as well as the smocked camica peaking out of the bodice and the lace cuffs. The simple Parlet and wispy veil just complete the look I would
I am planning to put a contrasting V and pane sleeves as I feel the dress will be more flattering on me. This picture is a good example of how I plan to do my sleeves.
Venetian courtesan ca. 1589, engraving
by Pietro Bertelli
I am using this for my bloomers as they are just plan fun

About Anjuili d’Foljambe

Greetings, I am Lady Anjuili Foljambe and I call the Barony of Stonemarche my home. I have been in the SCA for a very long time. I love making garb, I have made most of my own and my family’s for the entire time I have been in the SCA. I also was keeper of Stonemarche’s Gold Key for many years. I have been doing more research and making more period correct garb in the last 8 or 9 years than I have in the past. I have participated in the Birka Fashion show for a few years now. This will be my second garb challenge. I and a few friends competed in golden seamstress in 2018 and had a blast.
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