And the rooster takes a tumble…

There’s not much to report in terms of progress for this as we aren’t able to get together to start sewing until this coming Saturday but we did hit a bit of a stumble. I’ve managed to warp the first loom to start weaving for the hedeby bag’s strap but for some reason, my heddles are not working correct and are catching when I try to go under them. Unfortunately, this loom will have to be scrapped as it continues to lead to strings skipping too much. We will not be deterred though! The other loom can make about 3 yards so we should have enough for both the belt and the bag strap. Get ready because the next post will be full of all the good stuff! We will be cooking with fire and off to the races! We may have stumbled but we never stay down! We’ll be up and running and catch up!

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