Liner In a Better Light, and a quick Question

With the morning light shining, here is the liner laid out on a bed, so you can see the two side panel wedges put in, with the sewing begun.

This is the liner laid out.
This is the liner laid out.

I do have one quick question for anyone reading this: I have some spare cotton fabric that could work as interlining for the saya itself. Should I use it? My thanks.

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  1. Kitta Refr says:

    It depends… is absolute accuracy your main goal? If so, no. But if it’s the best option you have, then yes! Personally, I would probably use it.

    • La Castellana Vieja says:

      Hello, Kitta!

      Thank you for the input! I had used interlining once before, many years ago, for an early 16th century dress from a pattern someone drafted for me, but only at the high bodice, because the attached skirt proper was cartridge pleated. I think I will only go as far down as the hips before the saya flares out at the side panels, so the upper part of the dress gets the support it needs. I already know I am doing interlining for the pellote (the surcoat) just because the wool I purchased online (never again, I will look and touch before I buy wool from now on) was lighter in weight that I was led to believe. Thank you again!

  2. Nika Dmitrieva doch' Zvezdina says:

    I would also line the saya. When I made mine, I was using a silk that was a bit thin. It’s going to need to take the strain of the lacing (even though the lacing style isn’t very tight.) I also initially only lined it to the hips, but eventually I caved and lined the entire thing just so it would have a consistent drape.

  3. Ibrahim al-Rashid  says:

    I agree with Nika – if you feel that your fabric needs an interlining (for body, drape, etc.) you should interline the whole length of the pieces. The difference between the drape where it is and where it isn’t interlined will show.

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