06 March 2021 – Is it too late to change my mind???

So I started sewing my bodice pieces together this morning – and then cursed loud and long – and then cried a bit……

I freakin’s cut out two left sides of the back and side pieces instead of one left and one right.

I feel broken 🙁

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2 Responses to 06 March 2021 – Is it too late to change my mind???

  1. Kitta Refr says:

    It’s going to be ok! You’ll figure it out. I do this all the time. I just sewed my seam allowances on the wrong side of my fabric THREE TIMES IN A ROW. Because I apparently can’t double check things. Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

  2. Beatrice Domenici della Campana says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this! Mis-cutting from a limited supply of fabric has to be one of the things that seamstresses most dread having to deal with.

    I look forward to seeing the choices you make to move forward with your overall entry!

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