Go West, Young Slav: Check In #3

So I haven’t actually done any further sewing since my last check in, because I had an unexpected death in the family and haven’t been in the right headspace. But the silk brocade I ordered from Russia for the forecloth on my outfit arrived this morning, two months after I ordered it. I intend to get back to work on Monday, and I’ll be back on either Tuesday or Wednesday with another update.

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2 Responses to Go West, Young Slav: Check In #3

  1. Nika Dmitrieva doch' Zvezdina says:

    That is some spectacular fabric! Where did you order it from? Nosy Rus’ person wants to know…

  2. Ana Ilevna says:

    Gorgeous silk. And so perfect. So sorry to hear about the death in your family.

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