End of week 1: A Descent into Madness

The smokkr is nearly done!

It’s all together and the straps are on, but there’s one reason it’s yet to be finished: the seam treatments. Now you will begin to see exactly why I warned of the unique tastes of my model, because this was all her idea:

I have some love for myself: I’m not making the entire thing out of denim. The smokkr however? Of course! And it’s just not good enough if I merely make the thing out of denim, so I decided to grab one iconic aspect off of jeans to make the inspiration extremely clear.


I’m not sure if I can document this at all to the viking age. The closest I can truly think of is herringbone stitches worked on the inside of garments, but this is more to fit the model’s taste than history. All my purposeful steps from period practice will be.

I’ve been topstitching since last night, and I’m losing my mind already. So, I’ll be working on the rest of this in the background while I work on the other parts of the outfit.

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