Recreation of a 1570’s English Gown- Ellynor Redpath Check-in #3

I spent most of Friday and Saturday finishing the Kirtle. Hooks and eyes were stitched every half inch up the center front, and then I hemmed it. I also applied beads along the top edge. Here is what it looks like completed.

I’ve also started building the ouches for the overgown. Ouches are brooches that are stitched down onto a gown. Typically they would be cast settings set with gems and pearls, but for cost reasons I chose to bead the settings. These will run down the center front and sleeve puffs on the overdress.

My project for the next few days will be the forepart and sleeves. The forepart is cut, and needs to be hemmed. The sleeves will be assembled and lined. Both pieces will be pinned onto the kirtle to created the appearance of an underdress made entirely of silk brocade.

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3 Responses to Recreation of a 1570’s English Gown- Ellynor Redpath Check-in #3

  1. Fallon's Folly says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am now thinking I must re-do my farthingale as I think it is MUCH too big

    • Ellynor Redpath says:

      I can’t say without seeing, but different classes and decades used different profiles. 1590s might warrant a drum or wheel farthingale, which could be massive.

  2. Beatrice Domenici della Campana says:

    I appreciate the detail and explanation in this post, especially things like the close-ups of the hook-and-eye attachment and the beading at the top edge.

    How did you choose the beads and pattern for the kirtle edging?

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