A fitted gown pattern! (except sleeves)

Just a short update: my first mockup turned out like more of a compression garment, but after adjusting and redrafting the front of the body pattern, it’s looking really good. I still need to do the sleeves, but I’ll have a friend help me to drape them, and I think that the one pattern will suit both the inner and outer gown layers. Cutting the actual gown pieces: the linen lining tomorrow, then the wool once the lining is sewn and done as a firm mockup. I don’t yet know whether I’ll line the outer layer, or just the buttoned edges, for stability.

first lumpy effort vs the second mockup

I also did more seam finishing & hemming on the shift- it’s become my portable handwork, and I expect that to be completed shortly.

About Hawisia de Groote

Noble Hawisia de Groote hails from the Barony of Castlemere in Trimaris, where they currently serve as an A&S officer and Baronial Bard. Hawisia has been in the SCA for roughly ten years and enjoys persona-intensive experiences, hiking, hand sewing, and hanging out around the fire telling jokes and humorous tales based on period sources.
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