Easy victories

Dopamine is a fickle, fickle thing.

I needed an easy win this week, since the topstitching is incredibly slow and I’ve got quite a bit of hand work ahead of me on the accessories. This demotivation caused Monday and Tuesday to be days with little to no progress, so I spent wednesday putting together a cap to cover my model’s hair, this one based off the one found in Dublin in a cream linen from my stash.

Along with that, I’ve cut out the pieces for my serk, to start the sewing on those tomorrow, and the pieces of the hose are drafted and ready to be cut, these based off the fragments at Hedeby. What these fragments are actually of is still under debate and I’m not necessarily equipped to get into my own opinions on what the fragments are at the moment, but the hose theory does provide a very simple two piece hose that doesn’t use up much material, so i feel the logic of the pattern fits the era, even if the fragments themselves are still debated.

Hopefully the brain gremlins are appeased by the small wins, and the next update will be soon.

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