Adventures in Reenactment

Well, race fans it has been a minute. This week I was hit with a full-frontal attack of life. We are now officially moving to a great place but moving, which means packing — while sewing.

Also, very busy at work AND my iron, my beloved Rowenta heavy duty is dead.


We are packing, I am sewing and, at the moment, drinking wine. Also, a new gravity-feed iron will arrive on Monday.

Successes: The interlining is built and wonderful. It only requires a little steam manipulation to achieve perfection. This I cannot do until the new iron arrives so I am constructing the remaining doublet pieces to iron and assemble between Monday and Tuesday. I will jump into cutting trunkhose and beginning that assembly while I wait.

Did I mention my Lord and I are running for Baron and Baronness and polls were sent this week?

Always an adventure.

Ciao, Fiore

I am Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi (Fee-oh-re) also known as Fiore di Bardi (she/her). Primarily a costumer, I specialize in Florentine dress from the mid-1560s to ~1590, hand sewing, and embroidery. My area of interest includes research of life as an illegitimate woman in Florence, the Florentine Camerata, artifacts and practices for a noblewoman of this time — including the practice of hunting and falconry in Florence, and Florentine textiles. I am increasingly interested in the people we try not to see and which most would have tried not to see even in the 16th-century, namely those of mixed race in Europe. Especially how a person of my lineage (I am of African, French, and Spanish descent) would have lived in 16th century Italy. Motto: Penso e Creo * Blog: * Instagram: @dressingflorentine

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