Leather Belt Pouch

In the 14th century both men and woman used belt pouches. Woman usually had theirs hidden in the layers of their clothes. Men had a wide variety of pouches. Some were draw string bags while others had large leather pouches and everything in between. These pouches were made very different materials based on it’s purpose and the station of the wearer.

pic of a window in St.Jacque’s Church,Tournal, Wallonia, Belgium c 1350
Notre-Dame des Fontaines (La Brigue/Francia)
On Display at The MET NY Gallery 307 Accession#205246 (back view)
On Display at The MET NY Gallery 307 Accession# 205426 ( front view)

The leather work and construction of this pouch was much better than making the shoes. I can’t say that after this I am in a hurry to do leather work again. I am not showing the materials I started with or the dying process since I showed that on the post about the shoes and it’s all part of the same batch of leather. This pouch took several days of detailed work from designing the pattern to punching all the holes and hand stitching each piece.

punching the holes
sewing on the inside pocket
detailed stitching on main pocket
front closed view of pouch
front of pouch with flap open
inside view
back of pouch


The MET NY medieval leatherwork diplay

Notre-Dame Cathedral archive

de La Grange, Amaury Luoys and Louis Cloquet. 1987. etudes sur l’art a Tournalet sur les anciens artistes de cette ville. Volume 1.H. Casterman

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