3.18 Bit by Bit

Monday, 3/15:

    More embroidery. Finally finished with the white shirt and moving on to other parts. I’ve started the taf’ja embroidery, copying a chaplet from the traceable heraldry series. Not 100% accurate but my own heraldry has a chaplet of thorns and I wanted to incorporate it somehow. 

Tuesday, 3/16:

  Finished the kolpak, lining and all. It’s a bit wonky in spots from how I had to piece the fur together and is very cozy. For my first time working with rabbit fur I am very pleased. I probably could have avoided most of the piecework I had to do if I had been a bit smarter about how I cut it out, or perhaps a bit less worried about the direction the fur lay in.

i love this hat. so soft. so warm. yes.

   Got a bit more embroidery done on the taf’ja

Wednesday, 3/17:

   All of my extra supplies arrived–buttons, wooden beads, and my sash fabric. I held off on ordering them until I knew what I wanted. Documentation posted up. 

   Finished embroidery on the taf’ja. I’ll be making a few more layers for it to help give it some structure. It definitely needs it.

finished embroidery on the taf’ja

   My original plan was to cover the wooden beads with fabric and use them as the closure for the shirts. However, the beads are a bit chunkier than expected, so I went with a plain fabric knot for the white shirt. I don’t particularly want a wooden bead pressed under the layers against skin.

why does my phone camera hate me

Thursday, 3/18:

   If anything has come of this my backstitch is much improved.

   Finished a simple backstitch around the red shirt. May add more if time allows.

potato quality pic

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5 Responses to 3.18 Bit by Bit

  1. Elizabeth Vynehorn says:

    Love the hat! Very impressed, especially as it’s your first time working with fur. I can’t wait to see the entire outfit.

    • Slav Squat Xtreme says:

      Thanks! Definitely covered myself in rabbit fur, but I’m so happy with how it came out.

    • Kay of Tre Asterium says:

      I wish I had a way to upload pictures. My friend Master Zygmunt of the Middle has an epic fur hat. You would like it.
      His focus is 14th century Polish, and I am noticing how connected the 2 garments – Zipan/ Zupan seem to be. I look forward to seeing your on you.

      • Slav Squat Xtreme says:

        Oh, that sounds lovely!
        Yeah, the Polish zupan came up during my research–the two seem very close, if not the same! Hard to tell where they separate or even if they do.

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