ARRRRRRGGGGG!!!!!! It was all going so well…

Well I really thought this project was going to go off without any major hitches, o how wrong I was.

Other than the issue I had with the buttons the doublet had been moving along quite well. I have the body basically done and had moved on to the sleeves. And that’s were it all went wrong. It wasn’t until I had completed and installed one of the sleeves that I realized that I had completely messed up the slashing on them. Normally and issue like this could have been resolved with a bit of careful piecing, but with the slashes that would have been a disaster in the making. I was forced to order more of the fustian fabric and pay through the nose to have it shipped second day mail (which took 4 days…). So rather than wasting time crying myself to sleep over the mistake I switched gears and began work on the accesories.

Het ongelijke liefdespaar, Johann Theodor de Bry, after Gillis van Breen, after Pieter de Jode, 1596, Rijksmuseum

I make no secret that I am a hat junkie. I have been making and collecting hats (the sillier the better) since I was a little kid. Two years ago I decided to learn to knit with the end goal of knitting and felting hats. Knit hats were a staple of 16th century clothing. Domestically produced knit hats were even a required to be worn on Sundays in Tudor England. By the end of the Tudor era flat caps have given way to tall hats. The hat I am working on is of a similar style to the ones illustrated in the image to the left. I has a wide brim and tall tapered crown. I is knit with Icelandic sheeps yarn. While not an English heritiage breed, it is perfect for fulling and making into hats. In the name of speed it is knit on a modern cable needle, rather than 4 needles. The pattern is my own amalgamation of several publish patterns.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go apply some brute force to this sack of knitting and turn it into a hat….

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