The Belt

The sculptures show several options from the first one has no belt, the next two have belts with dangling ends, one has a buckle the other is tied. The last one is from the Angers Cathedral (1130-1160) and it looks like it has a metal buckle but I can’t tell for sure.

Belt types found on the Chartres Cathedral sculptures with a bonus one from the Angers Cathedral

Silk tablet woven belts are well documented with some extant examples.

Extant examples: Cingulum of Witgarius 9C Silk, Philip of Swabia 12 or 13C Silk, Belt of Fernando de la Cerda 13C Silk Belt of King

I’m using 20/2 silk, 30 tablets, and a simple geometric pattern. I’ve done a fair amount of tablet weaving, but I have never worked with silk before. I really like the look of the belt with the buckle from the Chartres Cathedral, and from the depths of my stash (circa 1990) I had a D ring that actually had some bling to it, in the right colors, and is just the right size for the belt!

The belt in progress
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