Today I was able to finger-loop braid the lacing holes for the gown. I actually used thread to do the braiding as I wanted the end product to be very thin.

Fingered-loop braiding. Double strand black thread

As I want my lacing to be thick I decided to not go with the normal eyelet for the lacings and instead took this finished product and ran it up the side of the dress to create loops for the fabric lacing to go through.

The arrows point to where I tacked down the pieces of the braid (pls excuse the cat hair, I have 5 lol)

This was the finial product with the fabric strand as lacing

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5 Responses to Lacings

  1. L. Severin Schröeder says:

    Very interesting concept, I like it. In most paintings of the German Renn style, you do not see any eyelets. Many re-enactors I know, use lacing rings or bar tacks from under the bodice edges for that front lacing.

    • Anne Ridley says:

      Thank you! And yes I have noticed that as well that’s why I was a bit stumped at first as how to go about it but I thought this might work and thankfully it did 🙂 maybe I can move the cord inside more so it is not as visible

    • Kay of Tre Asterium, C.L. says:

      I agree that this is a very nice answer to the hidden lace points issue. I was not happy with the Rings approach when I tried it. The “Pull” on the bodice fabric was not in the same place as in portraits.

      Did Anne’s approach solve that issue? I look forward to seeing it modeled.
      Best wishes!

  2. Elizabeth Vynehorn says:

    I think this is a very clever alternative to the rings / d-rings sewn inside the edge of the bodice, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it works.

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