Golden (C-S-R) Sewers

As we approach the deadline, I find myself scrambling to get things done because I put things off far too long. While it looks like I will get a nice outfit out of this experience, I am not enjoying this. As I sit in my sewing room fiddling details and making all my own decisions with my own successes and errors, while watching mindless DIY tv shows (not too distracting or I find I am merely sitting and watching tv), I cannot help but feel that this is not the intense experience that I wanted. I miss being part of a team, and the 6 am wrangling over the next step to take, and the giggles and/or tears, and the camaraderie and bonding that this contest has brought. As a long time contestant, judge, and autocrat of this kind of event, working mostly alone this way has *increased* my feelings of isolation rather than assuaged them.

Even the years I ran troll and worked on an outfit by myself, not for judging, I was surrounded by the energy and sheer fun and madness of a Golden Seamstress. This rivals the year I was on a truly crappy team and nearly swore off the event permanently. This has been … er… not the fun I had hoped for.

We also remodeled our laundry room this month. Sorting the cleaning supplies and putting them into the new cabinets seems like more fun right now – and I can’t do it because I’ve got the dress to finish.

Sigh. At least it is almost over.

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  1. L. Severin Schröeder says:

    I know how you feel. There have been times I was finishing garb Friday night that I was to wear on Saturday, or worse, the crown was to wear it for when they stepped down during the coronation ceremony (true story). How many others do the same? Relax, breath, I know it is hard to destress at this time. You do the best that you can. I want to see your garb, all that you get done. You can do this.

  2. Kay of Tre Asterium says:

    Yes! I have wondered about this, too. I was hoping you and Aimee were in a Pod and able to work together.
    Let me finish your two current posts and I will submit some questions.

    • Golden Covid-stress-relief Sewers says:

      We have gotten together a couple of times for fittings, but have not sewn together. We both only got to the ‘fully vaccinated’ milestone a bit ago.

  3. Golden Covid-stress-relief Sewers says:

    I’ve spent many, many pre-event weeks/nights finishing up garb. That’s not new for me at all. What I miss most is the wild, madcap, insane, ridiculous *fun* of sewing in a team for 18 exhausting and exhausted hours and ending up with something fabulous, even when it’s not garb for me. My barony has hosted 18 or 19 Golden Seamstresses, and I have only missed 2 in all that time due to commitments I really could not get out of.

    This will get done. I *always* make the deadlines!

  4. Elizabeth Vynehorn says:

    I’m sorry that you’re not enjoying this version as much as the live one. If we ever run something like this again, perhaps we should consider hosting some virtual sewing sessions for all contestants to join if they wish.

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