Finishing Work

We have completed almost everything. I am still working on the card weaving for the belt for my dress and I want to make an inkle woven strap for the viking purse.

Here is a picture of me with the my under tunic and Peplos with the apron. I don’t have documentation on the apron. But I need one to protect my garb while I am cooking or carding wool. I am wearing my very first nalbinding project, a hat, that I made before the competition began. I have a question on the Peplos. Is too much of it folded down? The card woven trim I have on it is not as flexible as I would like so if I have the fold higher. The back looks like I have wings. I have safety pins in trying to figure where the best place to put the fold

Catherine’s outfit

I finally cut the fabric that I took off the warp-weighted loom. I made Nigel a Phrygian hat with some of the fabric.

cutting out phyrgian hat
hat with lining added
Finished hat – with inkle weaving from my stash

Out of the warp-weighted fabric I also made an apron. I had a hard time with the warp-weighted loom keep the salvages and the warp even. But I still think it makes an excellent apron. I added an inkle woven belt to it so that I could tie it around by waist. The yarn I used was wool I dyed with madder root and osage orange. I don’t have documentation for this type of apron but I felt I needed it when I work over the fire and I do carding and spinning of wool.

Pinning trim on apron with the help of my cat

Nigel finished the shoes. Nigel’s fit him perfectly. Catherine’s are a little big but they fit good with the nalbind socks which are thick.

Nigel’s shoes completed
Catherine’s shoes completed

Nigel finished the Thors’ Hammer and one of the brooches is done and the other still needs to be polished.

Brooches and Thors’ Hammer

Catherine has finished the sprang for the purse. The purse was designed for taking her things to the shower during camping events. It looks funny without anything in it. But with a towel in it works perfectly and there is still room for shampoo, soap, toothbrush and a few other things. I did sew up one side a little farther than the other side so that things would not fall out. It will look much better once I get the handle put into the holes. I learned a lot about sprang and adding it to the wooden handles. Number one, the holes that the wrap thread wrap around needs to be smoother. The need to very well sanded and a finer grain wood needs to be used. The second item is I used linen that was not tightly spun so at times it wanted to split. At the end of the weaving that caused some problems trying to get one string. The third thing is I would have like to used a thread that had more stretch to it. Finally, when setting up the warp threads I tied too many knots. I had a lot of threads to hide after the weaving was done.

Viking Sprang bag – with nothing in it
Viking Bag with sprang with a towel in it
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3 Responses to Finishing Work

  1. Elizabeth Vynehorn says:

    I am deeply impressed with the amount of work that you and Nigel did, including weaving of cloth. Amazing! I think that the length of the fold on the peplos is really a matter of personal taste – do what feels right / looks good on you.

  2. Fionna Goodburne MacNicol says:

    For more information on the peplos style dress and apron, look for “Eura dress.” It’s pronounced “eh oo rah”, not “you ra” as it’s named after the area of Finland where the peplos and apron were common in grave finds. Good job, as usual! I’m glad you used your floor loom!

  3. Ana Ilevna says:

    You two certainly learned a lot of new skills working on this project. Very impressive.

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