Spoiled boy got the silk brocade

It’s so shiny and beautiful!

The jerkin is done! What you see is a U shaped skirted jerkin as seen in the Henry VIII portrait. It is made with a silk brocade outer and lined with black linen. All visible seams are flat-felled. I hand made matching silk buttons (will be sewn on tomorrow night because I forgot to mark placement when boy was trying this on). The neckline and arm holes are encased with matching silk strips (think bias tape). I am very pleased with this as it is the first time I’ve every made this type of garment. Close up pictures below. You’ll see on one that I didn’t catch enough of the linen and it pulled from the seam so I had to had sew it to remedy it.

Update: button is sewed on now

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3 Responses to Spoiled boy got the silk brocade

  1. Elizabeth Vynehorn says:

    This is a beautiful fabric and it makes a great jerkin. Did you draft the pattern for this? Good job! I’m looking forward to seeing it on the model.

  2. Anne de Basillon says:

    The pattern was originally from the Burda pattern set I purchased. I knew it wasn’t quite right so I modified it slightly.

  3. L. Severin Schröeder says:

    you always give the ones you love the best, in fabric and time, looks like you have done both. This fabric is lovely.

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