Mash-up Side laced Doublet

Originally I had planned on making the doublet from the same white fabric as the hose. With one line of embroidery down the center. The embroidery is an image I created based off the design in the portrait of Henry VIII. However – I apparently didn’t have that much white fabric. I did have a bunch of black. So I decided to mashup the photo of the King of France and Henry VIII. A note about the fabric – I am calling it Faustian-ish. It’s a cotton/linen blend which is what Faustian was but the modern fabric is literally a blend of both in the fibers for warp and weft. Whereas the period correct was made by using cotton for one and linen for the other. The doublet is interlined with wool felt and the regular lining is linen.

Doing the different design unfortunately that meant the embroidery I did was useless because I would need more motifs and simply didn’t have time to do it. So I literally drew out the motifs instead. I flat felled where I could and encased the rest. I also couldn’t find my awl so I ended up temporarily using lacing rings. I am still happy with this and so is the boy.

Update: I found the awl and am starting eyelets.

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  1. L. Severin Schröeder says:

    They have documentation that some designs were painted on the fabrics, some being covered over with embroidery and some not. I think, choosing to give a motif design to enhance the garment is applaudable. Thank you.

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