King’s & Queen’s Archery Championship & Summer Solstice Shoot

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“Suppose I was in that wood yonder, and had in my hand a bow of the red yew, ready braced, with a strong taut string, a straight, round arrowshaft with a well shaped nock, with long head, heavy and strong, of green-blue temper, that would draw blood out of a weather cock; suppose I had my foot on a tussock, my back to an oak tree, the wind at my back, the sun to my side, and the girl I love best, close by, to watch me, I would shoot such a shot, so strong and deep drawn, so sharply loosed, so low in flight, that it would be no better for my enemy if he wore a breastplate and a Milan hauberk than a wisp of fern, a kiln rug or a herring net.”
-Iolo Goch, bard to Owain Glyndwr

Please note that we will accept pre-registration via PayPal for this event. The PayPal link may be found in the official East Kingdom Event Announcement.

Summer Solstice Shoot

Come celebrate the Summer Solstice with the Barony Beyond the Mountain, and spend the day in joyous company. In addition to the Championship Shoots, we will have:
* Outdoor games
* A June Pole (Because we love to dance even if May was last month.)
* Classes
* Heavy Weapons
* SCA Yard Sale–Bring SCA-appropriate or adjacent stuff you want out of your house! Let someone else sit at the table selling it for you!
* Merchanting, both indoor and outdoor spaces are available.

King’s and Queen’s Archery Championship

A long time ago, before his departure from earth, Buddha decided to have a grand race. All of the animals in the kingdom were invited, but unfortunately, only twelve animals showed up at the event. Grateful for their efforts, Buddha rewarded them by naming each year of the Chinese Zodiac calendar after these twelve animals.

The twelve animals that came for the grand race were the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. These are what we now know as the Chinese zodiac animals.

After hundreds of years of really not much going on, the Pig decided that in his year, 2019, he would gather the other animals once again for another great contest, the East Kingdom Archery Championship. Each animal was tasked with devising a challenge for our archers to find the most skilled, determined, and focused. All archers of the East are welcome, but only those who are worthy will be named our champions!

The intent is to open the range for inspections and warm up by 9:30am with the tournament to start as close to 10:30am as can be managed. The tournament is expected to be shot in 2-3 rounds with a break for day board in between.

Any and all individuals willing to help Marshal at the event would be appreciated, contact Colin or Shi Tian if you are able to do so.

Please contact Baron Colin Ursell or Lord Ruan Shi Tian for more details, or for information about the responsibilities and expectations that are incumbent upon the winners of the Tournament.