#15. Responsibilities of the Baron/ess…

What do you believe the responsibilities of the Baron/ess are, and to whom?

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3 Responses to #15. Responsibilities of the Baron/ess…

  1. Selecting new Baronial Champions
    Giving out Baronial awards
    Receive letters of intent for officers
    One or both of us will try to be at every meeting
    Having our contact information posted to the website
    Be at all baronial events
    Hold baronial courts
    Review any event cancellation made by the Seneschal
    Try and make as many baronial investitures as possible
    Swear fealty to every East crown
    Receive letters of intent for the next baronage polling
    Participate in Curia
    They serve at the discretion of The Crown and are invested, suspended, or removed by The Crown in accordance with East Kingdom Law and the Governing Documents of the SCA, Inc.
    Make time for baronial champion tourneys at Pennsic
    Support confidential matters within the barony
    Support practices and classes throughout the barony

  2. MarkGwen says:

    The Baron/ess are responsible first and foremost to family. Real life comes first. If that is in upset, the SCA has to be put on hold. Second is their responsibility to the people of the barony, which involves many aspects. That encompasses things including being involved as the visible head of the barony; encouraging the members of the barony to pursue their interests whether service, art, or martial; encouraging us to stretch to do things; being the voice of reason when something seems clearly beyond our capacity; and making sure that baronial members are recognized for their achievements at both the baronial and kingdom level. The Baron/ess are responsible for being the eyes and ears of the crown. They are the people the crown calls on as “The Barony” and as such must represent all the members with their best interests in mind. The Baron/ess has a fealty responsibility to the royalty, to hold the lands in their name and to fulfill, to the best of their and their group’s ability, any lawful requests from the crown.

  3. Sisuile Rumhann says:

    We believe that the responsibilities of the baron/ess are to three categories:

    The Barony- to the barony we would owe those items in Custom to the best of our ability: choosing baronial champions, recognizing members of the Barony for the work they do, review applications/Letters of Intent for officerships with the Seneschal, attendance at baronial meetings, workshops, and events. We would owe the Barony our discretion and best judgement over items that come to our attention, and thoughtfulness and courtesy to every person in the barony

    The Crown- the baronage is the voice and representative of the Crown within the Barony. This trust is embodied in the fealty of the baronage to the Crown. They are owed best judgement in Curia, quiet words of advice outside of that, recommendations for kingdom awards for good work done by members of the populace, to bear the words of the Crown to the populace when necessary, and to represent the Crown with honor.

    The Kingdom and Society- it is owed by the baronage to be responsible members of the society, to, if feasible, attend Crown, Coronation, Curia, and Investitures as witnesses of the workings of the kingdom, to work with House Runnymede on issues relevant to the whole kingdom, and to, if possible, attend Pennsic.

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