#5. How will you involve new event staff…

The Barony has had many years of the same people doing the same work at events. To the point we have stopped and or even eliminated events. What plans do you have to get new blood into action and teach them how to run all aspects of events; eventually, to turn over the controls of Steward, Gate, Kitchen, Merchanting, Parking, and Clean-up.

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3 Responses to #5. How will you involve new event staff…

  1. We would like to start by trying to bring back the expertise of the current baronial members who have been playing with other local groups or the kingdom. We would like to make them feel included and welcome again.

    As for new people, we would like to have more demos inside the borders of our barony focusing on many aspects of the SCA. This will help bring more new blood in. We would also like to advertise our actual events to bring in new people and introduce them to our wonderful hobby.

    We also think it would be a good idea to run a class/workshop for baronial members to learn the different aspects of running an event.

  2. Mark Gwenllian says:

    Unfortunately, this is a tough one. People play to their comfort level and since this is a volunteer organization, we can’t make them do more. They will do more only if they want to. Gwenllian has been working with newcomers, introducing them, getting them started. This only goes so far since they, too have real life obligations. We encourage people to try new things, explain that the best way to meet people and make new friends is to volunteer. We have certainly been around to help with setup, breakdown, cooking (Okay, pre-cooking) and many other places that things need doing. If someone is looking to help, we can aim them in the direction of what needs doing or who needs help. As mentioned at the Sunday Q&A, one of the things Gwenllian has been doing with newcomers is a sort of mentoring. This allows her to encourage volunteerism as something both fun and helpful. We would like to see that continue and see other people who are willing to do the mentoring. Hopefully, this helps retain new people and influence others who wouldn’t normally work at gate, in the kitchen, merchant or any of the other many activities that make for a great event.

  3. Sisuile Rumhann says:

    There are two relatively simple ways to increase the available talent pool for the barony. First, we can ask. As we have said elsewhere, we have found in other groups and organizations that people may not feel comfortable putting themselves forward for a variety of reasons, but will be happy to take on larger roles if approached directly. Second, we would ask that all event department heads be paired, that the experienced Event Steward or Gatekeeper find someone to take on a new role (with help, if necessary) to be their second. It both gives them a backup if, for some reason, they can’t make the event and teaches someone else how to do the job.

    Speaking of which, between June 1, 2017 and June 1, 2018, the Barony Beyond the Mountain will be holding 6 events. Ask not what your barony can do for you, but what you can do for your barony.

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