#7. What are your thoughts on Kingdom events…

The Barony, a few years ago, hosted a number of Kingdom events. For whatever reasons, we have not held any in the last few years. Do you have any thoughts to putting the Barony back out there to hold Kingdom level events?

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3 Responses to #7. What are your thoughts on Kingdom events…

  1. Grimolfr Khazariyya says:

    We believe that the first thing that needs to happen to hold Kingdom level events is to make sure that we have a list of good event sites to choose from. The baronial officers have been looking into new sites recently, but it would also be great if some other people in the far reaches of the barony would also be able to scope out locations and send word to the Seneschal so that we can begin the process of approving of sites that can meet all of the needs of running a successful event.

    This also goes hand in hand to the previous question about involving new staff and training more people into the running of different aspects of events. (see question #5)

    We are very interested in bringing Kingdom level events back to the barony.

  2. Mark Gwenllian says:

    This ties in a bit with Question #6. We would love to see some kingdom events in the Barony. Bring proposals, locations, and a willingness to help. This is a big undertaking but we know it can be done. Hosting a Kingdom event requires a larger event staff which, we think, is a large reason we aren’t holding them right no. In encouraging volunteerism, we can get the larger staff and begin sending proposals again. We just need to be mindful of the same people doing the work all the time. We don’t want to burn out our members.

  3. Sisuile Rumhann says:

    Yes, we believe that kingdom events are important to the health and growth of the barony as a whole. Before we could responsibly hold them, we would need 1) more event staff, as discussed previously, and 2) a more diverse array of event sites. Sisuile has been collecting & collating information on possible sites so that we have an organized effort. She asks that if you know of any sites that would be appropriate, to please be in contact, as this is an ongoing project that only works with the assistance of many, many pairs of eyes. Also, now that we have 5 events on the permanent rotation, we would need to be extremely judicious about scheduling, as to avoid burnout.

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