Letter of Intent: Mark and Gwenllian

For those who don’t know us, please allow us to introduce ourselves.

In the Society I am Mark the Red Hand. I am the current Baronial Heavy List champion and hold the office of Minister of the Lists. I am a Companion of the Order of the White Oak and have received several tokens of appreciation for helping at Baronial events. In addition I have been awarded with the Trunca de Plata, a household award for attending all Heavy List fights at my first Pennsic with great enthusiasm (There are only about eight out there so this is not given to all household fighters.) I began in the SCA in 2001 in the Shire (now Barony) of Smoking Rocks, and continued my participation in the Canton of Bowman’s Rest after moving to the Barony in 2002.

In the Society I am Gwenllian ferch Llewellyn ap Henry.  For the last seven years, I have held the office of Chatelaine, welcoming newcomers and helping them join and enjoy the hobby I have participated in for 20 years now. I am a Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel.  I also have the honor to hold the Queen’s Order of Distinction, Order of the White Oak and many times have been recognized locally with tokens of appreciation for helping to run events.  I started in the SCA in 1996 in the Canton of Bowman’s Rest while working nights with another member and hearing lots about this great hobby where she spent her weekends and vacations with people of many different names (Turns out she was only speaking of, maybe, three or four  people. I was very confused until I got to meet them.) I’ve been in this Barony for my entire SCA career, and currently reside in the Parish of Bowman’s Rest where I was exchequer for three years until we made the difficult decision to suspend the Canton in favor of being able to better support the Barony.

Our intent in running for Baron and Baroness is to continue our tradition of service while welcoming new people and new ideas to the Barony. Our current Baron and Baroness have encouraged this and more. We would like to see a continued sense of community as well as opportunities to bring new projects and concepts to life.  We feel that it is essential for our leaders to encourage such growth while also continuing to recognize deserving people for their efforts. BBM has always been a group whose Baron/ess has led lightly from the top – that light touch is an integral part of who we have become as a barony, and after so long with the group we have a great respect for that character.  Our desire is to maintain that essential and unique nature while remaining open to new people and fresh perspectives.

While our approach to and execution of the Baronial office will obviously differ from previous holders, we expect some things to remain. We love the muster for the march to opening ceremonies at Pennsic. We wish to see activities of all kinds continue and increase within the Barony. We would like to encourage continuation of our current demos, and hopefully see them diversify to include more martial activities of all sorts. We also hope to see meetings include people from more areas of the Barony, and would welcome input on ways to make that happen.

For more than fifteen and twenty years respectively, the Barony Beyond the Mountain has been our home.  We would be honored to be allowed to serve our Barony, friends, and neighbors as your Baron and Baroness should you choose us.  Please feel free to ask us any questions, or run ideas by us. We love to talk about ideas.

Mark and Gwenllian

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