Go West, Young Slav: packing the trunks

Greetings, all! I’m Lady Andruta Jezofyna and I reside in the Barony of Buckland Cross down in the southern region. I’ve been sewing most of my life and doing historical costuming for 20+ years, but this is my first real time entering into a competition for it. I’m also formally dipping my toes into the 10th century for the first time as well. The only other early period garment I’ve made before is my take on the Eura style underdress.

My intention in this competition is to make an outfit based on the Pskov finds. While this excavation is in Russia, it appears to be a heavily Viking influenced outfit. My persona is neither Rus or Viking, but it is Polish/Western Slavic, so it is my supposition that the same type of blending of fashions that happened along the eastern trade routes through Russia would’ve occurred on the western trade routes as well, those that went through modern Poland/Slovakia/Romania/Ukraine/etc.

I’ve also been looking at other’s recreations and interpretations of this outfit, and the wrap style makes the most sense to me from a wearability standpoint. So that’s what I intend to do.

a close up of the two silks

I will be using the natural linen on the far right for a gathered serk/underdress, which I plan to trim the cuffs and hem of with the chevron patterned silk in the center.

The indigo linen will be the overdress/sarafan/hangerok, trimmed with the silk on the left with the roundel pattern.

The fabric in the center is a navy blue wool gauze, and I will be using that for a headcloth.

I’m nearly done weaving a silk band using my interpretation of Birka 22, which will be mounted onto a headband of either the leather or linen, I haven’t decided yet.

I’ve also purchased 12 gauge sterling silver wire to make myself a set of temple rings. I’ve made myself multiple sets already, but this will be my first time using a precious metal wire.

I’m missing my last piece of fabric, which I will be using for a forecloth. It’s a piece of handwoven reproduction silk brocade made in Russia, and will hopefully be delivered next week, if the tracking can be trusted.

I don’t intend to make socks/stockings or shoes for this competition, the former because my nalbinding skills are in their infancy, and the latter because I haven’t settled on a style of shoe I’d want to make.

I’ve got some stretch goals, i.e. jewelry and accessories, that I will add in if I have time for them.

I’m looking forward to getting this all together, as well as watching what everyone else is doing!

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3 Responses to Go West, Young Slav: packing the trunks

  1. Valya Abnikova doch' says:

    Hello Lady Andruta! I’m Valya, one of your judges. I’m excited to see how this will turn out! I love your resource page and the variety of work you’re putting in. When you have the time, I’d love to see a closer image of the silk you’re using for trim, as I can’t quite tell which piece you talk about in your post. Good job so far, and good luck!

    • Andruta Jezofyna says:

      Hello! I’ve added a closer shot of the two silks together, and when I get to the point of working with them I will share further photos of them too. I hope this helps!

  2. Nika Dmitrieva doch' Zvezdina says:

    Hi! I’m one of the judges but not specifically your judge. Just happily stalking the Slav stuff. Since I do Novgorod (but a couple of centuries later), Pskov is very interesting to me. Good luck!

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