Project Introduction

My name is Carmelina Fauteux or Carmelina da Vicari from Stonemarche. I am an illuminator and calligrapher for our barony. I choose a Viking age dress for the challenge. I will be drafting my own patterns. I am looking at Nile Glaesel’s book Viking Dress, Garment, Clothing and some SCA articles on viking garb construction. I will use linen for the underdess and linen and wool for the apron dress. I intend to hand embroder the seams with wool thread in a documented stitch. I am debating hand sewing the seams which I prefer, still have not made up my mind since I want to finish on time. I am going to card weave trim on my inkle loom with wool yarn. I choose the narrow Oseburg band, 834 AD and the pattern from Lady Elewys of Finchingefield. I am also weaving a belt, birka 22b, but in cotton since I don’t have linen threads and the width and number of cards made weaving with the wool impossible for me, I tried. I am also using Lady Elewys of Finchingefield’ lesson and pattern. I find her patterns and tutorials excellent since I have only done some basic tablet weaving. I am weaving some lucett cord in wool for trim. As you can see I am concentrating on weaving in this project, many skills that are totally new, or novice to me. I am teaching myself to weave on a rigid heddle. Historically they would have used a weighted loom, but I can’t physically use that loom since it requires you to stand for long periods of time. I am making a shawl on the rigid heddle. In the future I would like to weave the linen for my dress and do some woven tapestry. I am also making bags, socks and a hat. I am teaching myself to nailbind the socks. I will be using embroidery and tapestry inspiration from the Oseburg, and Mammen, burial sites.

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