My Saxony Adventure

I have never made a Saxony dress nor have I done a project this big with all the research to go along with it so this is very new to me, but I am excited to try it! My persona is English, however my sister is German and so she will be my model for the entirety of this competition. I plan on making a shift, stockings, kirtle, gown, and a cap. I am basing my project on the paintings of Lucas Cranach, and a few books as well. I am not perfectly making one specific gown from any of his paintings, instead I am using his paintings as inspiration for the gown I am creating. I have also just recently learned how to finger-loop braid so if I have the time I would love to use finger-loop braiding as the lacings for the kirtle and gown.

My materials are linen-blend, cotton, wool-blend, faux fur, and synthetic silk

This is a photo of some of the fabric I will be using, along with the mock-up I drafted. Also included in this photo is the necklace and pearls I bought for this project.

I drafted the pattern using a previous kirtle pattern I already had except I made the shoulders wider, and fit this pattern to close at the sides, versus the front.

I wish everyone the best of luck and I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects 🙂

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