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   I’ll be creating a set of late-period Muscovite men’s clothing, trying to keep specifically between 1500-1550CE. The clothing is for a lower noble or dvoryanin from a mildly wealthy family. As there is a lack of extant garb from this time period, as well as few paintings, many of the clothing resources occur either earlier in period or out of period. The basics of Russian garb have however remained generally the same even as the precise details change. 

   The name of the game is layers. I’m aiming for a spring/fall outfit and so will be going for lighter options as possible. February 27th kicks off a three-day weekend for me and we’re gonna just jump right in. The plan is to get as much done as possible on the weekends when using my sewing machine is less likely to get  a noise complaint, and then do my hand sewing during the week.

I’m waiting on some of my materials to arrive (if customs doesn’t get there first) but I’ve got my linen, some rabbit fur, questionable wool blends, and a poly velvet on hand. I drafted all of my patterns last month so they’re ready to go as well.

the red wool sheds like you wouldn’t believe

On Saturday, 2/27:

   Broke every single needle for my sewing machine but got the white shirt assembled. Needs hand finishing, a bit of fixing in spots, and embroidery. The collar was cut a bit too big and it’s a bit close against my hips, especially with layers underneath, but overall I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s my first time using this particular pattern that I drafted so piecing it together was a bit of a guessing game and in the future I have a few changes to make to the pattern, especially with all the gussets on the side.

   Also cut out all the pieces for the red shirt, taf’ja, and white pants.

the lighting is really bad here wow

On Sunday, 2/28:

   Fight practice today so I was on a train for about eight hours and fighting the rest. Got some sewing done on the train but not as much as I hoped; the cold and my seat partners conspired against me.

posted 2/28 at 23:09 local time

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5 Responses to 2.28 Hello

  1. Kay of Tre Asterium / Kay Jarrell says:

    Good Morning! I am Kay, one of your judges team. I am very interested to see what all the pieces you make look like. Thanks for the good photo of the white shirt; srachitsa? Have you considered leaving those side seams open if they really are too tight, and adding another gusset is not possible due to time? It would work for judging.
    I look forward to your next post.

    • Slav Squat Xtreme says:

      Hello! Yes, the white shirt is a srachitsa (or rhubalka). I considered adding some extra gussets but the fit isn’t uncomfortable or restricting, just tighter than I expected. I may have to do so on the red shirt, depending on how it works with the layers.

  2. Nika Dmitrieva doch' Zvezdina says:

    Not one of your judges but definitely stalking all the Slav things. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Severin Festschdamacher says:

    Greetings, I am Severin and one of your judges. You mentioned a lack of extant clothing and portraits for your entrant selection. Could you share the picture/portrait that inspired your work? I love the shirt, and am looking forward the rest of the ensemble.

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