Inspiration, or they tell me Spain is weird

My outfit will be based on the women’s attire from the murals in the leather-lined domes of the Alahambra. Resources on women’s clothing in 14th century Spain are not as abundant as one might like, but I have always enjoyed these particular depictions and thought it would be interesting to complete an outfit.

The ensemble consists of a black saya, which I will be making of wool, a red second layer saya, also to be made of wool, and a white sideless surcote, which I will be making of silk. The gold trim will be of silk as well. Underclothing simply consists of a camisa, and perhaps calzones/drawers. I’m making some red hosen/calzas to complete the outfit, as I wait for my fabric to arrive.

I am also using the opportunity the competition provides to further familiarize myself with Spanish clothing terms of the 14th century, so please bear with me if I misuse a term.

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3 Responses to Inspiration, or they tell me Spain is weird

  1. Ibrahim al-Rashid  says:

    Greetings, Olalla! I’m Ibrahim, one of your judges. I’m so excited to see someone working from the Alhambra ceilings. I have relied heavily on these same paintings for my own Nasrid clothing (and even made one effort at Christian clothing). And, yes, Spanish fashion can get very weird compared to other European styles!

    In case you haven’t come across it yet, this document has a nice summary of Castillian and Arabic clothing terms from Iberia throughout the middle ages and into the Renaissance:

    • Olalla Tristana says:

      Hello! Amusingly, that’s actually one of the documents I’m working from, along with some books.

      I look forward to speaking with you further about my project.

  2. La Castellana Vieja says:

    I am looking forward to what you have finished as well. That pellote is later than mine, and lovely.

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