Go West, Young Slav: Check in #2

I’ve got the serk/underdress fully assembled at this point, and I’m in the stage of unending felling to finish all the seams. Luckily I’m getting close to the end for this part at least, it’s just the long seam left that runs from the shoulder down to the hem.

I’d initially planned to trim the serk cuffs and hem with the beautiful Ikat silk I have, but I want the finished garment to be washable. While I do know it’s possible to wash silk, it has a watered finish on it, and I feel like repeated washings would ruin that. So I think what I’ll do instead is wait until I cut out the sarafan/overdress out of my indigo linen, and then use what’s leftover to trim at least the serk cuffs, if not the hem as well.

And that’s where I’m at at this point!

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