This weeks progress

Nigel’s pants have been completed. He put the button hole for the drawstring and then I hemmed them. If I had to do over I would have make the center strip smaller in the front and larger in the back.

Completed pants
Nigel’s under tunic completed except for hemming

I used a t-tunic pattern. The tunics they found in digs did not have set in sleeves.

Smoothing inner edges with a file – still have to oil the handle

I decided to inkle weave trim for Nigels’ cloak. I don’t believe that inkle looms are period for Northern Europe. The trim looks similar to card weaving and goes much faster and I already have 2 card weaving projects I am doing for this project.

I used yarn from my stash. The black is store bought wool yarn. The blue is wool that I dyed with indigo. The yellow/orange is roving that I purchased already dyed. I then spun it on my spinning wheel. The blue wool is a pain to inkle weave but it goes so well with the color of his cloak that I had to use it. Nigel made the inkle loom a few years ago.

Loom warped – ready to start weaving
15 inches of the trim woven

I took a nalbinding class during Fiberary from the West Coast. So I decided to make socks for both Nigel and myself. I was going to spin the wool but at least for the first pair of socks it is going to be store bought wool from what I have on hand. I am still learning nalbinding but it is going very well. I watched a video on how to make a sock. All of them seemed to start with a circle but our feet our not round so I started it out flat and then started curving in to make cylinder.

sticking the sock
making a stick – I need to find out what the name of the stitch is

I did more weaving on the warp weighted loom.

Putting the shuttle into the shed
Reaching for the shuttle from shed
getting ready to push the warp thread up
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  1. Anarra Karlsdottir says:

    One thing a friend of mine who makes similar trousers noted to me once is that the extra panels help a lot when he squatted down. Otherwise a squat would rip out the crotch. So removing them for someone who doesn’t squat a lot (my friend was a blanket merchant) may not make a lot of difference in fit. How are they as he walks around?

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