day ten: command decisions

I’ve been in pain from a pinched nerve in my back since September. For a while there, the pain had receded, and I was left with a limp. Then it snowed, and I had to shovel, and ever since I’ve been in a LOT of pain. I’m in physical therapy, but it’s slow going.

“But Tasha!” I hear you cry. “That sucks, but what does it have to do with the Ethereal Seamstress Challenge?”

I shall tell you.

The best lit room in my house is my sewing room. I’m currently sewing white(ish) linen with white thread. I need good light.

The chair in my sewing room is killing me. I feel mostly fine all day in the office chair in my home office, and then I go downstairs, sit in the office chair in my sewing room, and ten minutes later I’m crying. I’ve ordered a gel cushion that I hope will help, and it will be here tomorrow, but in the meantime, ow.

What does this mean for my entry? Full steam ahead, bitches. But I’m making a decision about my serk that I think is actually in line with what might have been done in period — I’m not finishing this the way I initially intended.

I originally meant there to be four gores: front, back, and sides. I just finished the side gores, which I actually wanted to have done Saturday, but ow. I tried it on, and it’s a bit big, but the side gores are big enough that I can walk just fine, so I’m leaving it there. I’m going to finish those seams, hem things that need hemming, and move on.

I just can’t sit here and add gores to a garment that doesn’t need them when I’m so slowed down by my pain. I need the time to work on other things. I might not be able to make my shoes; it hurts enough to put on my sneakers.

So there’s an update. I’m going to go to bed and hope that my heating pad will help me sleep. Night, y’all.

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