One item down… finally

My chemise is finished!! I am so sick of this thing. I messed up on every step- the folding, the cutting, lining up the gussets, I rolled the collar seam in the wrong direction… and pretty much had to do everything twice. At least. I thought I was making the style for an English chemise, but I’m pretty sure I did not. The gussets extend so far down, I believe they’re the French style. Funnily enough, looking through the Tudor Tailor book, this is the style I want. I found the bodice I want to make, and it is a French style. This chemise will hopefully go well with this ensemble. I plan on following the pattern for the bodice in the Tudor Tailor book, but the instructions for the skirts don’t make sense. They are horribly complicated for something that should be ridiculously simple. They also seem to be connected. That is so limiting. With the back skirt and front apron as two pieces, you have mix and match opportunities! The Tudor Tailor ladies also specify all sorts of odd details such as rolls and other bits that perhaps I haven’t noticed in portraits yet. I plan on keeping things very simple: rhombuses with ties. If I have time, I’ll add trim.

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